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From Principal’s Desk


Finding the meaning in everything through education being the prime motive, we strive to bring in massive improvement among the students, through holistic learning experience.

We at PEM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE seek to bring in the highest standards of teaching learning experience through the innovative approaches and efficient pedagogy.

The growth of each child is our focus. Hence the faculty and the students work together to achieve the potential that enables all accomplishments.

The school gives ample

opportunities and vivid experiences to every student in the way of enriching their knowledge that brightens the scope of Success.

Our Curriculum and Pedagogy focuses on all the best practices to meet out the future needs, without missing any regulations. The students are offered a wide opportunity lane to explore their interests and investigate new ideas. We offer many Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities with a hope to involve every child to adopt in a new interest.

Inter school and intra school activities

and competitions in Co-curricular and sports have proved our students caliber and endurance.

Our Students, when they graduate from PEM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE would be well equipped with the skills, qualified and moral values that would enable them to attain success in every field, they seek to establish.

It is a pride and pleasure to be a student at our campus as you are sure to acquire knowledge, intelligence, skill, ethics, discipline, respect and innovation.

Come! Join us and explore the New Horizon!

Warm regards