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Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


The School prepares students to face & successfully complete CBSE Grade 10 Board Assessment & Grade 12 Board Examination. The Academic calendar is from April to March consisting of two terms. April to September & October to March.
Public speaking, debates & elocution, recitations on platforms in all three languages give a feeling of deja vu.
Mathematics, the Queen of Sciences has linked the world at large. Furrow brains enter these labs to sow into them new seeds of science, hungry brains get their food, curious brains come out satisfied. Well equipped labs take the “curionauts” to explore our universe.
PHILATELY & PNEUMISMATICS enrich them with learning of our culture & the world at large. Activities like yoga & karate build their physique. To give confidence to introverts music & dance, the universal language help them to communicate.
HALLMARK RECORD Kudos! To our Children for realizing success “impossible made possible” A special commendable research project is being continued since 2010 which is an eye-opener to the students to enthuse them on doing a service to KATHANGANNI VILLAGE, one among many villages affected by dyeing effluents. Our children have proved with a thorough, statistical study that impossible is possible on an infertile land. Students are giving from time to time resourceful tips on cultivating edible crops as fodder & cash crops a dire need to many villagers. Oft debatable talk SCIENCE IS A BOON OR BANE is no more questionable as boon in this matter alone.
“MISTAKES ARE THE PORTALS OF DISCOVERY” Everyone learns through mistakes & learning continues till one’s last breath.
“A MAN IS BUT A PRODUCT OF HIS THOUGHTS. WHAT HE THINKS, THAT HE BECOMES”with this the School paves way to students to make their vision come true. This SCHOOL of EXCELLENCE has confidence to march towards progress & always live up to its motto TRUTH TRIUMPHS. Undoubtedly simultaneous progress of the infra-structure is constructed in proportion to the growth of the school.